About SMTC Data

Data-driven planning and decision making is quickly becoming recognized across industries as a best practice. At the SMTC, we take a data-driven approach to transportation planning. The SMTC houses several datasets relating to Onondaga County and the Central New York Area, either by our own creation or acquired from other agencies. The data created by the SMTC is available for public use. To inquire about data that has been derived elsewhere, please contact the appropriate agency.

What is GIS and How is it Used at the SMTC?

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) are computer-based tools combining mapping and database technologies for the analysis and visualization of all forms of geographically referenced information. GIS technology integrates powerful database functions, such as querying and statistical analysis, with visualization tools to represent information graphically through a static or interactive map. GIS allows users to not only view geographic data in maps, charts and reports but to also ask questions about the data to reveal relationships, patterns and trends. As a transportation planning agency, the analysis and visualization of geographic information is an integral part of what we do.

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