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Who is the SMTC?

The SMTC is composed of officials representing local, state and federal governments or agencies having interest or responsibility in comprehensive transportation and land use policies and services. To facilitate and encourage maximum interaction among these groups and the local community, the SMTC has adopted a committee structure that consists of a Policy, Planning and Executive Committee. Served by the SMTC Central Staff, these committees serve as the hierarchy to the transportation planning activities of the SMTC.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee consists of the elected and appointed officials representing local, State and Federal governments and other organizations/agencies having an interest or responsibility in comprehensive transportation planning in the Syracuse Metropolitan Area. The primary responsibility of the Policy Committee is to establish policies for the overall conduct of the SMTC.

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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee, which is established by the Policy Committee, is composed of the professional/technical representatives of both the Policy Committee members and public agencies having direct or indirect responsibility for transportation planning and/or implementation. Their primary responsibility is to monitor all technical activities including the annual development of a draft UPWP and TIP for recommendation to the Policy Committee. They shall also direct and consider for recommendation to the Policy Committee all major studies and planning activities.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of Planning Committee members and provides oversight of the day-to-day operation of the Central Staff for financial management, personnel and other administrative requirements.

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Additional Committees

An important element in the operation of the Planning Committee is the effective utilization of both formal and ad-hoc advisory committees to review and evaluate detailed Council issues and results of planning activities. The committees function principally to make recommendations to the Planning Committee on subjects directed to them by the Planning Committee which require extensive evaluation and which would be inefficient to resolve by the full committee itself.


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