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Traffic Counts for the SMTC MPA

Welcome to the Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council's (SMTC) Interactive Traffic Count Website. Since FY 2000 the SMTC has undertaken a data collection project where the SMTC houses member agency traffic counts (i.e., tube counts and turning movement counts) within the SMTC Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). Pertinent traffic count information is stored in a single digital data repository and linked to the SMTC's GIS interface. Previously this count information was only available by contacting the SMTC or the appropriate agency. This semi-interactive site has been created to allow efficient data retrieval of current and up-to-date traffic count information by the general public. The data repository will be updated on an annual basis and this site will reflect those additions. Please note that numerous turning movement count locations are included on the maps. However, due to their complexity, these intersection counts are currently not available via the web site.

A link has been provided for each municipality in the MPA where a traffic count is available. Those locations are as follows: Baldwinsville; Camillus; Village of Camillus; Central Square; Cicero; Clay; DeWitt; East Syracuse; Elbridge; Fabius; Fayetteville; Geddes; Hastings; Jordan; LaFayette; Liverpool; Lysander; Manlius; Marcellus; Minoa; North Syracuse; Onondaga; Otisco; Phoenix; Pompey; Salina; Skaneateles; Solvay; Spafford; Sullivan; Syracuse; Tully; Van Buren. Count segments contained within a particular village (i.e. Village of Marcellus) will be incorporated in the town tables unless a specific link is provided. Once a municipality is selected, the corresponding count data for that Town, Village or City is shown in tabular format. Each count incorporates the Road/Street name, Count Segment, Town/Village/City, Year the count was taken, AADT (Annual Average Daily Traffic) and Source (the providing agency). AADT represents the "number of vehicles traveling over a designated section of highway" (New York State Department of Transportation Traffic Volume Report) on an annual basis. These AADT values represent bi-directional traffic volume unless specifically noted in the Road Name column (i.e., RT 298 EB).

As stated, the enclosed AADT traffic count information has been provided to the SMTC by various agencies, primarily from the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the Onondaga County Department of Transportation (OCDOT). The State Department of Transportation counts are available for both the state highway network and the off-state network (this includes numerous count locations within the City of Syracuse). The Onondaga County Department of Transportation counts are only gathered on County owned roads.

Counts provided by the NYSDOT on this website may or may not have a Portable Document Format (PDF) Traffic Volume Report (TVR) associated with it. Records with an active link should open to a PDF in a separate window with the TVR requested. If Speed Data and/or Classification Count Data are available, it will be included in the PDF. If a record indicates NYSDOT as the source but does not provide any document, the data may be still in hard copy that has yet to be digitized, or the hard copy may be missing. Records provided by the OCDOT do not have any similar documents associated with them.

The following traffic count data has been provided solely as a tool for public use. All traffic count data is believed to be accurate from the time it was acquired by the SMTC. Prior to SMTC acquisition from member agencies, every count undergoes stringent protocols/procedures that must be followed in order for the count to be accepted. Additionally, since the information is proprietary data to the source agency contained in the following tables, the SMTC cannot be held responsible for any claims to the accuracy or validity of the traffic data.

If any assistance is required with the ensuing traffic count information or you would like to make a request for a turning movement count, please contact:

Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council
Contact: Kevin Kosakowski
Phone: 315-422-5716
State Department of Transportation
Contact: Julie Bednar
Phone: 315-428-4408
County Department of Transportation
Contact: Christopher Leak
Phone: 315-435-3176

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